1-Week Design Challenge (Process)

  1. Documentation of challenge research / analysis
  2. Sketches / Whiteboards / Storyboards
  3. Mock-ups / Wireframes
  4. InVision prototype or similar
  1. Research / empathy
  2. Create / shape
  3. Prototype / Test & learn

1. Research / Empathy

(Un-refined Experience Map)
(Worst-case scenarios help to convey the user challenges)
(Winning scenarios convey a product’s utility)

2. Create / Shape

  • Schedule views that considers transportation (between locations)
  • Schedule view that considers weather given locations & times
  • Connections to ride-sharing alternatives (Uber/Lyft)
  • Map view of schedule
  • Location awareness
  • Weather awareness
  • Meeting attendees
  • Calendar inputs (sync)
  • Transportation preferences (filters)
  • Notes (for agenda and other)
  • Google Calendar
  • iClock
  • Airbnb
  • TripAdviser
  • Lyft / Uber
(This app would require permission to be awesome!)
(Initial UI brainstorms on paper)
(I felt orange was appropriate for it’s sense of urgency)
(Icon progressions)
(Navigation progressions — a critical part of any app!)

3. Prototype / Testing +

(Sketch + InVision Craft plugin for rapid prototyping)
  • Design the contact page
  • Further develop the maps pages
  • Add InVision screen transitions and micro animations for a smoother prototype feel
  • Continue testing and iterating!




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