Today (the third Thursday in May) marks the 10th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), and May is known as accessibility awareness month. …

In honor of the 9th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day, below are 11 activities you can do to pause and think about accessibility, inclusion, and exclusion. My hope is to share something for everyone so, these activities range from only 10 seconds up to roughly 120 pages. …

Good Design is More Accessible

What is accessible design?

As designers study accessible design they will likely find out, more accessible design is synonymous with better design. It’s natural to see how given the common definitions of accessible.

Accessible (adj.): (a) capable of being reached (b) easy to speak to or deal with

Accessible design practices are an inherently…

(Dominique Sciamma — Director of Strate Design School, France)

Each year at my alma mater the school director (Dominique Sciamma) releases a powerful and philosophical design statement as that season’s design theme. It gets unavoidably plastered around the campus on T-shirts, posters, and notebooks.

  • 2015 : “Design is the only option.”
  • 2016 : “Design is a humanism.”
  • 2017 …

I was recently asked by a potential employer to take a 7-day mobile app design challenge where a hypothetical problem was presented(below). This article outlines how I handled the challenge. …

I was going to write about UX methods and design process but I chose to challenge myself by making this graphical outline instead;

Your own process may not begin at the same step for every project. In a glance this diagram can help you decide what steps to consider taking at any phase of your own product design.

Thanks for reading 🙌 . Claps are good and comments great!

Data analysis is a do-or-die for tomorrow.

From job descriptions to business services, the term data-driven is as hot as any phrase in the professional world. People want the proof in their pudding — and the more quantitative the better — because a clear and calculated recipe is easier to dissect and reproduced. …

Digital marketers are lucky.

The term big data easily competes for one of the biggest buzzwords of the past decade, or more. You’ve heard things like, “every company is now a data company” or “data is the new currency,” but it’s not always clear for every business model how those philosophies are supposed to…


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