♿ ️🚀 ️5 reasons why now is the best time to pursue accessibility with your product [team]

1. Accessibility lawsuits are on the rise in 2021

2020 had a 23% increase in digital accessibility cases which cited the ADA. 2018 had 2,214 cases. 2019 had 2,890 cases. 2020 had 3,550 cases.
(image: blog.usablenet.com)

2. The World Health Organization added assistive tech benchmarks in 2021

3. Accessibility related jobs are booming in 2021

  • Product Manager — Compliance and Accessibility (Verizon)
  • Accessibility Program Manager (Adobe)
  • Senior Accessibility Specialist (EPAM Systems)
  • Staff Program Manager — Accessibility (Twitter)
  • Senior Accessibility Analyst
  • Frontend Accessibility Remediation Engineer
  • Senior Accessibility Researcher (Resume Library)
  • Braille Accessibility Software Engineer (Apple)
  • Project Coordinator, Accessibility Team (Twitter)
  • Product Lead, Inclusion & Accessibility (Uber)

4. The world’s population continues to age

5. The right side of history is a good place to be




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