(Dominique Sciamma — Director of Strate Design School, France)

Each year at my alma mater the school director (Dominique Sciamma) releases a powerful and philosophical design statement as that season’s design theme. It gets unavoidably plastered around the campus on T-shirts, posters, and notebooks.

  • 2015 : “Design is the only option.”
  • 2016 : “Design is a humanism.”
  • 2017 …

I was going to write about UX methods and design process but I chose to challenge myself by making this graphical outline instead;

Your own process may not begin at the same step for every project. In a glance this diagram can help you decide what steps to consider taking at any phase of your own product design.

Thanks for reading 🙌 . Claps are good and comments great!


Research / Design / Data

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